4 Signs to Change Brake Fluid

September 24th, 2021 by

Fall is a good time to take care of necessary vehicle maintenance, including brake fluid flushes.  Low or dirty brake fluid can cause brake failure in any vehicle and increase your risk of an accident.

Here’s what you should know:

How often should I have my brakes checked?

Best practices is to stick to the service schedule in your vehicle’s manual, but at the very least we recommend inspection once a year. Routine maintenance also heavily depends on your driving patterns. For example, if you tend to drive shorter routes with frequent braking, you may need more frequent brake fluid flushes. Even the slightest symptoms now can lead to more expensive repairs if left untreated.

4 signs it’s time to change your brake fluid:

  1. Issues with your pedal such as spongy, soft, bouncy or harder to press.
  2. If your ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) light illuminates. You may be low on brake fluid.
  3. Ineffective braking performance such as delays or difficulty slowing or if you hear squealing, grinding or other odd sounds.
  4. Burning smells after hard braking may be your brakes are overheated. Safely pull off the road and allow your brakes to cool before continuing.

How to check your brake fluid:

  1. You’ll need to unlatch and open the hood of your vehicle. This reservoir is typically found near the rear of the engine compartment in front of the brake pedal in a translucent reservoir that allows you to view the liquid level without opening the container.
  2. Brake fluid is usually a light, clear color. If it’s not clean or transparent, then your brake fluid is dirty and needs changing.
  3. The reservoir should have a label that says, “full line.” If the brake liquid falls below that line, it’s a sign your need to change your brake fluid or top it off. Low brake fluid can also indicate your brake pads are wearing down and need maintenance.
  4. You should avoid opening this container unless you’re planning to add or change your brake fluid. Opening the reservoir exposes it to air, causing moisture to enter the hydraulic system. This can impact your braking performance or force you to change your brake fluid early.

Changing brake fluid can be complicated and dangerous so if it’s time or your unsure let Team Hyundai San Luis Obispo’s Service Team ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle by performing a Multi-point Inspection.

Schedule your FREE vehicle inspection:

Team Hyundai San Luis Obispo’s trained technicians will inspect your vehicle for FREE and let you know if anything needs attention.  Our FREE Hyundai Multi-Point Inspection expires 11/19/2021 so schedule your appointment today.




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